Spotlight on Antonio Biondi

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Spotlight on Antonio BiondiAntonio is part of a number of charitable communities, but there is one thing that sets Kids for Kids apart from the others. “The selflessness I see in this [committee] far exceeds others. It’s not even close.”

That was also a driving force for him to join the committee. “A lot of my friends are founding members and just the sheer selflessness of the group and the objective of helping families in need – that in and of itself inspired me to participate and become a member.”

Family Fun Day is one of his favorite events because “we bring our friends and our family together and celebrate not just that day but the year’s [fundraising] efforts. Year over year over year we always push ourselves to exceed the preceding year’s goal. And we’ve been able to do that through our friends and a grassroots effort.”

Antonio sees his fellow committee members not just as friends but an extension of his family. And that also goes for his daughters, Juliana and Sofia, who are founding members of the junior committee.

“They’re just good kids. And it’s very gratifying and satisfying to see that the youth – generations apart from us – understand the importance of helping others in need. And that, to me, is very impressive.”

When asked for three adjectives to describe his experience with Kids for Kids, Antonio shared “Humbling. Pride. Happiness.”

Spotlight on Antonio Biondi