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Kids for Kids Foundation - Brian Kaminskey

Brian had been a supporter of Kids for Kids events since the very first Family Fun Day. And what inspired him to make a bigger commitment to join the Committee was a trip to Memphis to visit St. Jude.

“I was going through a time in my life where I really needed to reach out and see what real problems were,” he recalls. “I went to the hospital and realized I didn’t have any problems in the world. I had my kids, my health – my life was fine – and I realized it was time to give back and share my successes to help other people.”

Brian’s company, Northeastern Bus Rebuilders (NEBR), sponsors events like Family Fun Day and his staff also volunteer at many of them as well.

And inspired by his passion for racing, he decided to organize his own event – “A Day of Racing at Monticello Motor Club”. Held in 2017, the event raised $50,000.

Donors had the opportunity to drive around the track in BMW racecars as well as use go-carts and the off-road Polaris. In addition, professional racecar drivers took everyone for a ride in the Ferrari Challenge Cars. “It gave them a little bit of a taste of what it’s like to be in a racecar at very high speeds.”

For Brian, organizing the events is as much fun as attending them.

“It’s one thing to be there to raise money for the organization but we also have a very fun time doing it. And we look forward to our meetings and the planning of events. It’s good that we have such a great camaraderie together.”

Recent Accolades and Contributions:

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Kids for Kids - Brian Kaminsky