Spotlight on John Esslinger

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John EsslingerJust about anyone you talk to who is a part of Kids for Kids will tell you that it’s like a family. And John Esslinger is no different. “We treat everybody like we’re brothers and sisters – we are one big happy family.”

But John is also excited for his actual family to be a part of the community. His sister, Marilouise, recently joined the Committee. And he can’t wait until his young niece/Goddaughter can be a part of the Junior Committee, especially as he loves seeing her have so much fun at his favorite event – Family Fun Day.

He’s especially looking forward to having his son (due Winter 2019) join the Kids for Kids family.

John’s commitment has only grown stronger after visiting both St. Jude and St. Mary’s. “It’s a great feeling to actually see what we do to help these children out. And everybody in the organization puts their heart and soul into making sure these children and their families are happy.”

In addition to volunteering at Family Fun Day and securing sponsors, John is also working on organizing a cigar night. And after attending the Inaugural Cornhole Tournament in January 2018, he was inspired to organize the next one.

The event “brings everybody in the industry together outside of work to have a nice time together. And we get to teach more people what we do as an organization.”

John Esslinger