Spotlight on Robert Catalano

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Spotlight on Robert CatalanoHaving attended numerous industry-based charity events throughout his career, Robert was inspired to host one himself, but with a twist – he would make it family-friendly.

He recalls, “I noticed that a lot of them [events] were mostly attended by business associates. And at one point it just clicked with me that it would be really great if there were some charity events in which we actually go to to meet each others family members.”

That very first Family Fun Day was hosted at the Bronx Zoo and raised $30,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And that was the birth of the Kids for Kids Foundation.

When asked about the growth of the organization, he says “I never would have dreamed I’d be talking to you about what this has become and the amount of people that are involved and the events that we have. I never thought it would be more than a day at the Bronx Zoo ten years ago.”

Robert is proud of all the events the group organizes on a yearly basis, including two annual golf outings, the spring and fall clay shooting expeditions, and racing events. And his goal for the committee is that more members become inspired to create their own events, such as the recent Inaugural Winter Ball.

One of his oldest friends, Craig Shapiro, joined early on out of great admiration for Robert. “He has a great head on his shoulders. He wants nothing but the best to try and help people and I wanted to follow his coat tails.”

But his proudest achievement was the formation of the Junior Committee in 2012.

“We are inspiring young kids to do good, to keep them active in a positive way, and to let them be smart and creative and entrepreneurial to host their own events.” He continues, “The Junior Committee is going to be our legacy.”

Spotlight on Robert Catalano