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Kids for Kids is Proud to Announce Newly Elected Junior Committee Officers

The Kids for Kids Junior Committee has grown tremendously within the last year and continues to teach children of all ages the importance of giving back no matter your age! Check out our Junior Committee Officers who are determined to make their mark in the world. We are proud to have them leading our Junior Committee!

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“Not only does the Junior Committee continue to spread awareness of the Kids for Kids mission, but they continue to inspire the entire Kids for Kids community. I am honored to work with our newly elected Junior Committee Officers and to help them grow into their new leadership roles. Kids for Kids continues to be so proud of the work of all of our Junior Committee members, and we are excited to see them set and reach new goals!” – Danielle Romain, Development Coordinator

Michael Burke Jr

Michael Burke, Jr.
Junior Committee President
Michael has been part of our Kids for Kids Junior Committee since its formation in 2012. During his time as a Junior Committee Member, Michael has held multiple fundraisers, most notably is the Denino’s Dine and Donate event which raised $4,500 in one weekend. Michael continues to incorporate his friends and family into his events and uses them to bring together fellow Kids for Kids Committee Members. In this new role as Junior Committee President, Michael looks forward to leading meetings, and connecting with the younger members of the Committee. He is currently in the process of creating his own Business Development Group at his high school and is determined to bring those skills and leadership with him as he leads the next generation of the Kids for Kids Junior Committee.
“I hope to bring a new era of leadership that will teach our members to strive to do good, give back and most importantly have fun doing it.” – Michael Burke, Jr.

Alyssa Burke
Alyssa Burke
NYC Chapter Vice President
Alyssa joins her brother as a Junior Committee Officer with the title of NYC Chapter Vice President. Alyssa has been a Junior Committee since the beginning and has raised thousands of dollars for children and families struggling with medical challenges. Not only has Alyssa held successful fundraising events with her brother throughout the years, she has been an instrumental role in the recruitment of new members and donors to the Junior Committee. By spreading awareness of Kids for Kids, Alyssa has played a vital role in the success and growth of the Committee. Alyssa has combined philanthropy with her education by inviting Kids for Kids to speak in her own school with the Kiwanis Club, a group of students dedicated to serving others and their communities.
“I hope to inspire the other members to give back, be creative with their events and become more confident and independent in hosting their own events.” – Alyssa Burke

Brian Kaminskey Jr
Brian Kaminskey, Jr.
LI Chapter Vice President
Brian is following in his father’s footsteps when it comes to getting his own community involved with Kids for Kids! After volunteering at our Racing for a Cure event, Brian was motivated to get more involved in Kids for Kids and approached the organization with the idea of forming a Long Island Chapter. Brian looks forward to serving as the first Long Island Chapter Vice President and getting more kids involved in order to expand the Junior Committee and the mission of Kids for Kids. Brian is already very active in further establishing this chapter which has now grown to 20 members, nearly doubling the total membership of our Kids for Kids Junior Committee. Brian is excited to get back to fundraising and is working with Danielle Romain, Development Coordinator, to line up grass-roots events for the summer months including a “Coffee & Cars” exotic car show!
“I am very fortunate to be in the position to help others in need. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face knowing that my friends and I can make a difference in a child’s life by contributing to this amazing charity.” – Brian Kaminskey, Jr.

Sofia Biondi
Sofia Biondi
NYC Chapter Secretary
Sofia is also a founding member of the Junior Committee and will be serving as the NYC Chapter Secretary. In 2016, alongside her sister Juliana, Sofia introduced the St. Jude Math-a-Thon to her school, and since then has raised $30,000 through this program. Last year, Sofia was the recipient of the Kids for Kids Service Award at her middle school and continues to raise funds and awareness for Kids for Kids in her high school. Sofia is confident in the leadership and organizational skills she has developed through hosting Math-a-Thons with more than 100 student participants at her school. She is excited to take on this role and join the other officers in leading the Junior Committee.

Johnny Kaminskey
Johnny Kaminskey
LI Chapter Secretary
Johnny is following the lead of his father and brother when it comes to combining something you love with philanthropy. Johnny shared his love for racing and cars while volunteering at our Racing for a Cure event alongside his brother, Brian Jr. That event showed Johnny how something he loves can be combined with giving back, through a fundraiser to raise awareness and money for a cause he cares about. Johnny has shown Kids for Kids his passion for our mission through recruiting his peers to join the Long Island Chapter and collecting donations for the organization. Johnny is excited to bring new, fresh fundraising ideas to the Junior Committee, and continuing the family legacy of giving back to others.

Kids for Kids Junior Committee is always welcoming New Members!

Both our NYC and LI Chapters have room for more children interested in giving back to their communities and learning about philanthropy along the way. Kids for Kids values the opportunity to instill in our youth the importance of helping others, no matter your age. We take pride in mentoring these bright minds and providing them with a platform to explore the many ways they can make an impact individually and by working as a team!

To learn more about the Kids for Kids Junior Committee and its members, visit our Junior Committee Page and Spotlights. Contact our team at or complete the Junior Committee Membership Application by clicking here.