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Set Up a Matching Gift & Help Support Children in Need

Though you may have not heard of matching gifts, they provide a huge amount of support to Kids for Kids and our efforts to help children and families with medical challenges. Below we discuss how you can set up a matching gift donation, what matching gifts are, why they’re so important to Kids for Kids.

Matching Gifts Help Kids for Kids

When helping children and their families get the medical care they need, every dollar counts. The team at Kids for Kids are sincerely thankful for every donation we receive. With matching gifts we can help even more families get even better care. Matching gifts are so important to Kids for Kids because they allow us to positively impact even more children in need.

How to Set Up a Matching Gift

matching giftsOver 18 million people work for companies with matching gift programs, including 65 percent of the fortune 500. In all likelihood, your company has one too! To start the process, simply reach out to a colleague, your boss, or HR representative. They will know who you need to speak with in your organization to submit a matching gift request and raise even more money for Kids for Kids.

What Are Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are essentially two-for-one donations, where an individual will donate to Kids for Kids and that individual’s company will match that donation, or a predetermined percentage of it.

However, matching gifts can have many guidelines attached to them. So, it’s important to understand those guidelines in order to have your gift matched by your company. Each company has unique gift matching guidelines. But, these are some common rules most companies follow.

Guidelines for Matching Gifts

  • Match Ratios: The amount that your company will match in relation to your donation is known as the match ratio. The most common match ratio is 1:1, which means your company will pay the exact same amount you originally donated. 1:2 means they will pay half of what you donated and 2:1 means they will pay double.
  • Donation Limitations: Additionally, most company’s matching gift programs have a minimum and maximum dollar amount that they will honor for a matching gift. Anything below the minimum or above the maximum may not be matched.
  • Donation Deadlines: Another rule you are likely to find in your company’s gift matching guidelines is a deadline. This deadline could be a set date, most often December 31 or April 15. However, it could be a time frame after the initial donation is made – 90 days for example.

Be sure to factor in all of these matching gift guidelines before making a donation you plan to have your company match. If you’re not careful, you may find out you have donated too much, too little, or too late.

But, regardless of your company’s current gift matching rules, it’s important to note that they are subject to change. An update in company policy or a change in your title can affect the amount your company will match and the deadline you have to submit the match by. So, be sure to keep an eye out for those changes.

If you’re planning on applying for a matching gift, don’t delay. Your company’s deadline for gift matching may be coming soon. Submit your application for a matching gift to Kids for Kids today.

Matching Gifts

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