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The Kids for Kids Foundation was established in 2008 by a group of New York City professionals to support organizations that provide care to children and families struggling with medical challenges. What started out as 12 Founders has evolved and continues to grow to this day as more like-minded and generous individuals join our mission!

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Board Officers

Board Chair

Robert Catalano*

Vice Chair

Nick Raineri*

Vice Chair of Events

Paul Lombardozzi*


Joseph Capone*


Fabio Migliaccio*

Board Members

Sal Amato*
Brian Baslin*
Todd Baslin*
John Carbone*
Jason Dove*
John Esslinger
Danny Fontana*
Brian Kaminskey*
James Halpin*
Todd Marcus
Craig Shapiro*

Committee Members

Rob Anderson
Migena Agaraj
Bob Bicocchi
Antonio Biondi
Michael Borrero
Mike Burke
Kenneth Burnett
Nick Caiazzo
Nail Capri
Bert Capone*
Richard Colucci
John Corallo
Joseph Deal
Gregory Fortino
Antonio Froio
Scott Froum
Michael Guarnaccia
Russel Helbling
Richard Heller
Leonard Knief
Josh Lentin
Vincent Malizia
Tiffany Mizen
Steven Palladino
Chris Paquette
Kristin Paquette
Roy Raineri
Carolina Ramos
Joe Rossi
Jamie Ruggiero*
Marilouise Ruggiero
Bill Scully
Jayson Siano
Robert Speranza Jr
Amelija Suric
Alex Trotta
Brian Zall