Spotlight on Alyssa and Mike Burke

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Spotlight on Alyssa BurkeUsually kids join the Junior Committee because their parents are already involved with Kids for Kids, but the opposite is true for Alyssa Burke.

Alyssa first got involved in 2014 through her friend Ava Correra. “I enjoy the thought of helping kids and St. Jude,” said Alyssa. “I thought it would be really fun because I like planning things and I like to help people.”

Her parents were then inspired to get involved, followed by her brother, Michael. “I heard about all the cool stuff they were doing and thought I wanted to join,” recalls Michael. In addition “my parents said it was a very good opportunity for me.”

Both enjoy the sporting events, including bowling and Roller Jam organized by Alyssa.

Spotlight on Michael BurkeThey also hosted a fundraising event at Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern, raising $4,500 in one night!

For Alyssa, she looks forward to more members joining the committee. “It’s good to get involved while young. Younger kids have more creativity and an open mind.”

And they both agree that it’s a great place to make new friends.

Spotlight on Alyssa and Michael Burke