Spotlight on Alyssa and Mike Burke

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Alyssa BurkeUsually kids join the Junior Committee because their parents are already involved with Kids for Kids, but the opposite is true for Alyssa Burke.

Alyssa first got involved in 2014 through her friend Ava Correra. “I enjoy the thought of helping kids and St. Jude,” said Alyssa. “I thought it would be really fun because I like planning things and I like to help people.” Her parents were then inspired to get involved, followed by her brother, Michael. “I heard about all the cool stuff they were doing and thought I wanted to join,” recalls Michael.

During their time as Junior Committee Members, Michael and Alyssa have held multiple fundraisers, most notably is the Dine and Donate event which raised $4,500 in one weekend. The Burke’s credit the success of their events to continuing to incorporate their friends and family their events and uses them to bring together fellow Kids for Kids Committee Members. After six years of being on the Junior Committee and learning more about fundraising and raising awareness for Kids for Kids, the Burke’s decided to take more of a leadership role within the Junior Committee and they both serves as Junior Committee Officers.

Michael Burke JrMichael is serving as Junior Committee President and looks forward to leading meetings, and connecting with the younger members of the Committee. “I hope to bring a new era of leadership that will teach out members to strive to do good, give back and more importantly have fun doing it” shared Michael when asked about his goal as President. He is currently in the process of creating his own Business Development Group at his high school and is determined to bring those skills and leadership with him as he leads the next generation of the Kids for Kids Junior Committee.

Alyssa joins her brother as a Junior Committee Officer with the title of NYC Chapter Vice President. Throughout her six years a Junior Committee President she has raised thousands of dollars for children and families struggling with medical challenges. Not only has Alyssa held successful fundraising events with her brother throughout the years, she has been an instrumental role in the recruitment of new members and donors to the Junior Committee. By spreading awareness of Kids for Kids, Alyssa has played a vital role in the success and growth of the Committee. When asked about her own goals as Vice President, Alyssa says, “I hope to inspire the other members to give back, be creative with their events and be more confident and independent in hosting their own events” Alyssa has combined philanthropy with her education by inviting Kids for Kids to speak in her own school with the Kiwanis Club, a group of students dedicated to serving others and their communities.

Spotlight on Alyssa and Michael Burke