Celebration & Tribute Gifts

What is a Celebration or Tribute Gift?

A Celebration or Tribute Gift is a donation made in someone else’s name. We’ve all seen ‘In lieu of…’ on an invitation, that’s exactly what this is. They are also donations made to be a tribute to a special person in your life or a job well done. Watch the video on this page for some ideas.

Whether a Wedding, Birthday, Graduation or any type of celebration, you can make a difference in a child’s life! If you give in a person’s name directly, Kids for Kids will send a card notifying them of your generosity.

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Memorial Donations

Have you seen our Memorial Donation page? We offer personalized pages for those whose loved ones have passed and the families or friends would like to have a donation made in their name instead of flowers. Once you’re given your personalized page, you can share it with anyone you choose.