Charitable Giving and Your Tax Preparation

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Your donations have helped us prepare to help others.

taxesGiving to a qualified charitable organization, such as ours, may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income taxes. You’ve already done a wonderful thing in helping your organization of choice in its mission and you should also reap the benefit provided to you by the government as allowable.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and we are definitely not accountants, but in order to help you prepare what your accountant needs you will want to make sure that your paperwork is in order. It is important to remember that normally charitable donations will only be deductible the year the donation occurs so gathering your records ahead of time is key in order to make this element of your tax preparation a breeze. For contributions made, beyond maintaining a record/bank statement, we are happy to provide written communication pertaining to your contribution that may be used by your tax preparer.

If you need a tax-deductible letter prepared or any other documentation, please contact us using the form below. And thank you for continuing to support Kids for Kids!

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