Spotlight on Alexandria and Nico Raineri

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The entire Raineri Family and Kids for Kids have, since inception, gone hand-in-hand. With Nick Raineri being a founding member of the organization, now acting as Board Vice President, it’s no surprise that his children would follow suit, acting as ambassadors and members of our Junior Committee.

While joining seemed to be the natural order of things, we have proudly watched them truly make their roles their own as they have grown up with the Foundation, creatively planning ways to fundraise and get others involved. Oldest sister Bella paved the way for Alexandria and Nico, who both actively work throughout the year, passionate about extending and improving the lives of other children with complex medical conditions.

alexandria raineriAlexandria Raineri has exemplified what it means to be a Junior Committee member, and throughout the years has found herself full of gratitude for the opportunity and admiration for her father, saying,

“I think it’s important to get involved with charity at a young age because it instills morals and values in a child. It not only teaches them how to accomplish a goal, but it inspires them to want to make a difference.”

Alexandria joined the Committee in 2014, and has been involved in many ways throughout her tenure. Most notably, she has rallied to get her entire school involved , leading their National Honor Society in their now annual January for Jude Fundraiser- which has raised more than $8,000!

When asked about what her favorite KFK Event is, without hesitation Alexandria shared, “My favorite event is Family Fun Day at the Bronx Zoo because it is a time where all the families who work so hard to raise money meet some of the families they raised money for. I feel like it reminds the kids of committee why they do what they do and that all their hard work is worth it.”

Nico is the youngest of the Ranieri’s. He joined the committee at the age of 5, as he proudly watched his father and sisters accomplish so much and felt inspired to join them and make his own mark.

nico raineriWe have been excited to see more of a junior presence across all our events, and Nico has been a pioneer of this, taking the time to represent his fellow committee members. While it’s difficult to choose a favorite, with our events all unique in their own ways, Nico told us,

“I have to say my most favorite event is The Sporting Clay Shooting Event, as Matthew, and I were the first junior members of Kid for Kids to attend and shoot around the courses.”

Being present at KFK Sporting Clays’ 10-year Anniversary, simultaneously surpassing $2 million dollars raised for St. Jude, was an incredibly proud moment that Nico was able to share with this father. He hopes to one day stand by his father’s side as Co-Chair as they raise another $2 million!

Beyond sharing his love of KFK with this father and sisters, Nico says, “Kids for Kids has become my second family out of my home.”

“I would agree that Kids for Kids is more like a family then a bunch of coworkers.”, Alexandra added. “All the members on both the Junior Committee and adult Committee are always willing to give their time to helping one another. Everyone on our team wants the best for each other and their fundraising efforts.”

We are so happy to have this entire family working hard to help support our mission, and look forward to all there is to come!