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Philip BicocchiPhilip Bicocchi is entering his junior year at college, but he already has a heart for giving back to his community. This comes from his father who was one of the first members of the foundation. Growing up, Philip learned firsthand how important it is to get involved at a grassroots level in your community. In fact, his whole family loves Kids for Kids.

Once he saw the impact that the foundation was having in his community, he decided to speak to his Uncle Robert and Caitlin McFeely, his Saint Jude rep, about starting a junior committee.

He tells us how the idea got its initial start:

“Everybody liked the idea. Then fast forward a few months later. I got a phone call that if we were going to form the committee, I would have to commit to taking on the role of the president/founder of the Kids for Kids Jr. Committee. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in a board room with about 15 others who felt such a strong need to change our community from the inside out.”

Why Get Involved?
Philip has seen first hand the impact of kids getting involved at a young age. For one thing, it gives their lives a new and better direction. It keeps them away from harmful behaviors and negative activities. But more importantly, it shows kids how much fun it is to help those around them. When we see someone going through a difficult period of their lives, they often need help. Just one person stepping up to say they care, and they will be there, can make all the difference in the world.

Imagine getting a bad report from the doctor. You feel alone. You’re suddenly worried about hospital bills and missing work. Your whole life will be impacted. But then, a kindly neighbor contacts you or your local church. They let you know that they want to help; you’re not alone. Your community will stand with you. This can make all the difference in the world for an individual going through a rough period of their lives.

What About Fund Raising?
Kids for Kids Jr. stays on top of fund raising. They understand how important these activities are as well. Some of their recent events include a poker night, several cut-a-thons and a golf outing. Of course, he loves going to Saint Jude Hospital and meeting with everyone there, especially the kids.

One the most lasting and endearing things about this organization is how the people develop into a big family. They care about each other. Many of these people have know each other for 30+ years. They stay connected. They’ve become an extended network of caring people who are there for each other no matter what life throws at them.

What is Philip Up to Now?
One of things Philip loves is coaching. He enjoys forming relationships with people. He thoroughly enjoys doing his Podcast. And of course, he supports local charities in a number of different ways. Throughout his lifetime, Philip will continue on the road of reaching out to his community with compassion. And he will pass that on to his children and grandchildren, thus leaving an amazing legacy of giving back to his community.

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