Spotlight on Philip Bicocchi

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Spotlight on Philip BicocchiAfter meeting a young patient from St. Jude while attending his very first Family Fun Day, Philip knew that he wanted to get more involved with Kids for Kids.

He also left with a great admiration for the Event Founders, including Robert Catalano, and his dad, Bob Bicocchi, who is an Event Chair. “They are role models. With everything that they do, they have time to go back and give to their communities,” Philip says.

His dad expressed to Robert that he wished there was a way that his son could get more involved. According to Robert, a few days later “I woke up and thought, ‘if this young man can be inspired by us and come to events and be impactful, I’m sure there are other children that would want to do that as well.’”

And with that, Philip became a founding member of the Junior Committee, where he now serves as President.

As the leader of the group, Philip keeps the committee focused on their yearly fundraising goals.

“Philip is a great leader,” says founding member and Vice President, Juliana Biondi. “He knows how to get a group together and focus on one goal, and not just meet it, but exceed it.”

In 2017, the committee raised $65,000 and Philip wants to exceed that every year after.

Having hosted numerous events, including a fundraising dinner and a cut-a-thon, Philip’s favorite event is the Family Fun Day. “That’s a great event because we get kids from St. Jude to come in and we get to meet them.”

That connection is very important to Philip and the rest of the Junior Committee. “We really all have a special connection with each other about helping out kids with cancer.”

Spotlight on Philip Bicocchi